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Event photography in Lancaster Pennsylvania requires a seamless blend of professionalism, creativity, and technical expertise. We are committed to understanding your vision and delivering images that exceed your expectations. Passion for photography and a dedication to client satisfaction guarantees an unbeatable experience. 

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Harrisburg event photographer
harrisburg event photographer

I’ve worked on an official basis as a Lancaster event photographer. for attractions like the PA Renaissance FaireField of Screams, and Corn Cob Acres. In addition, I’ve photographed numerous bands and PA music events to provide promotional material for their social media or websites.

 I utilize a series of different perspectives to provide a comprehensive portrayal of corporate events, the first of these being establishing shots. Establishing shots offer a glimpse into the venue’s space and size which allows us to showcase your premier event in Lancaster Pennsylvania. These shots serve as ideal content for social media and documentation purposes, examples of these shots include:

  • Capturing performers or speakers on stage from the audience’s perspective.
  • Wide shots from different corners of the venue,
  • Exterior shots of the venue.
  • Overhead wide shots of the convention center floor or banquet hall.
harrisburg event photographer
harrisburg event photographer
harrisburg event photographer

Close-up candid snapshots of individuals encapsulate the emotional peaks of an event. Typically taken with a telephoto lens and shallow depth of field, these shots eliminate distractions, enabling viewers to focus on and engage with the moment. Such images often resonate strongly with audiences. While I prioritize capturing VIPs like guest speakers or CEOs, I also strive to comprehensively cover the event, aiming to photograph as many attendees as possible.

harrisburg event photographer

When selecting a Lancaster event photographer, I recognize that you’re entrusting me to accurately depict your event and brand. Keeping this in mind, I refrain from excessive post-processing, understanding that heavily edited images may limit future adjustments that may be needed to align with your brand’s visual identity. My approach involves relatively neutral post-processing, granting you greater flexibility in utilizing and customizing the delivered images to suit your brand.

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